Another year older and perhaps a bit wiser too

Another year older and perhaps a bit wiser too

Published by Amy Kristiansen on Jan 26th 2020

The year 2019 was a little different than past years. David and I didn’t travel out to the Finger Lakes. I didn’t participate in the New England Products Trade Show. Glass Paradox’s last remaining consignment relationship ended. Wes and I, along with his new wife, participated in our first Renaissance Faire in 15 years which was a lot of fun even though it was the hottest weekend all summer! And, I added a few smaller more local events to the summer/fall schedule. Oh, and I had a Spring Clearance sale at the studio.

Wes is married!

Wesley got married! We continued with home improvement projects and I began a new level of study via education online. And Wesley got married!

As we move into 2020, I plan to improve on online appearance and availability both at and in my Etsy shop. We’ll continue to downsize our wholesale business while increasing our direct to customer retail business. The retail side of Glass Paradox allows for more creativity, interaction with people and fewer deadlines which will allow for more time to do other things. I expect I’ll be streamlining glass styles as well which will lead to a few amazing deals online as we reduce inventory.

We’ll return to the Finger Lakes Wine Festival, in a different location within the main building. We’ll continue to participate in the FAB craft fair at John Bapst and hopefully the York Days craft fair in York Beach in August. With a little luck, we’ll be adding a cheese festival in Vermont to our summer activities. I think we’ll try another Spring clearance sale at the studio as well, just before Mother’s Day.

Photo Contest

Also this year, I want to create a Glass Paradox calendar for 2021 filled with cocktail recipes and images of artware. To do this, we’ll be having a photo contest! Each entry must include a photograph of Glass Paradox artware in use or on display AND a recipe or suggestion for use. An example would be your twist on a margarita in a margarita glass or your favorite summer iced tea in a beverage glass, potpourri in a lily bowl, mimosas in a pitcher, the possibilities are limited only by your creativity! In September, we will post the winning photos and create a print calendar for 2021 which will be available for purchase on our website. The winning photos with recipes will be included and prizes will be awarded to the winners. Submit your entries to: (use the subject line - "calendar contest")