Winter Martini

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The Winter Martini glass stands 8 inches tall and can hold 10 ounces. The unique shape of the martini glass makes it one of the best known cocktail glasses, it alludes to sophistication and fine taste. It is said that the wide open brim of the glass produces surface tension that brings out the bouquet of the gin, the cone shape keeps the ingredients from separating, and creates a nicer display of the olive garnish than a standard cocktail glass.

A snowy night with snow covered pine trees, rolling hills, a little cabin and an outbuilding.

Amy's Story

While it’s the epitome of a Maine winter scene, it was actually inspired by the view outside the window of my studio in a small seaside town in Massachusetts, near Cape Cod,  many years ago, long before I experienced a picturesque Maine winter.

My studio was in an old building, behind another old building, set back from the main road, the only view I had was that of large, I mean really tall pine trees and old buildings that were mostly neglected and used for storage. When it snowed, it lay on the ground undisturbed, except by the local wildlife and the tire tracks I left as I went to and from my little studio.

I liked the idea of an all season design, something not just for Christmas but for all those evenings by the fireplace with family and friends, warm and cozy while the snow falls softly outside.

Additional Details

4.50 (in)
8.00 (in)
4.50 (in)
10 ounces
8 inches
4.5 inches

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