Sunset Beverage

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The hand-painted Sunset Beverage glass has a long bowl and a short, stable stem. This type of glass is often referred to as an Iced Tea glass, footed beer glass, or water goblet. Holds 15.75 ounces.

Amy's Story

Every so often I explore new ideas - many of which never make it further than the local craft fair. Recently, however, one of these ideas became a new design. The trouble was I couldn’t decide on the colors of the sky... Did I want the cooler blues, purples, and pinks? Or did I want to add the warmth of yellows and oranges to the mix?

Once more I decided to call upon a few of my family and friends for input - which did they prefer? Well, that didn’t help! The responses were divided practically in half. While everyone agreed that they really liked this new design, they just could not agree on a color palette for the sky!

So, faced with indecisiveness, I decided to paint both. Sunset, the sun is beginning it's descent upon the horizon and the sky is dusky blue with swaths of pink and purple as well, a calm evening to end a summer's day.

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