Sanctuary Beverage

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The hand-painted Sanctuary Beverage glass has a long bowl and a short, stable stem. This type of glass is often referred to as an Iced Tea glass, footed beer glass, or water goblet. Holds 15.75 ounces.

Amy's Story

Sanctuary was one of the first Glass Paradox designs (at the time named Stain Traditional), even before my business was named Glass Paradox! This design has gone through several versions over the years, but the black outline with a purple stem has always stayed. The color combination is one of my favorites, I use purple in a lot of my designs. The black outline brings out the colors more deeply than other outlines.

This design reminds me of a stained glass window, the kind you find in an old church, classic and timeless. It’s a design that can be used all year long. The vases make lovely decorations with or without flowers.

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