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Harvest Margarita

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The Harvest Margarita glass can hold 14 ounces. The wide rim of the margarita glass allows for more salting of the rim, this enables the salt to enhance the flavor of every sip. It is customary to turn the glass for each sip. The narrowed bowl keeps the beverage cooler and discourages warming by your palm. It’s intriguing shape is also aesthetically pleasing!

Amy's Story

Harvest was created after a customer requested something for fall, deeper and bolder than my Autumn design of subtle oranges and yellows. After a few days of studying the variety of color in the fall foliage here in Maine in the early morning and mid-afternoon, I pulled together every color I had seen and designed Harvest, an instant success! I wonder if the foliage is as colorful in other places as it is here on crisp mornings and sunny afternoons.

Additional Details

4.60 (in)
7.60 (in)
4.60 (in)
13 ounces

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