Fish Stemless Wine Glass

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The Fish stemless wine glass stands 4 inches tall and can hold 9 ounces.

The stemless wine, with a slightly larger bowl than the traditional wine glass, is designed with casual simplicity in mind. While it may encourage warming the glass, the coolness of the wine suggests the use of a table and coaster, the smaller size enables you to enjoy the chilled beverage.

Whimsical Fish of yellow, orange, pink, and purple swim amongst the green reeds in their sea of vivid blue.

Amy's Story

Fish are all over the coastal towns  of New England and whilst Glass Paradox got it’s start in Worcester Massachusetts under a different name, it spent the first of it’s growing years along the coast. And like any good coastal artist, I needed to create a nautical-themed design.  Fish were a logical choice.

My fish, however are a little different than all the rest, I paint them in purple, pink, yellow, and orange. More tropical than New England but they’re more fun that way and it really is all about having fun!

The Fish design is also unique as it was the first time I painted inside the glass as well as outside the glass.  Up until that point, all my designs had been on the exterior surface only.  I made sure my paints were food safe and researched the various uses before I even started painting on functional glass so I always knew it was an option, just not one I had put into practice before.  By painting on both surfaces of the glass, I could add more depth to the design, making it look as if the fish were actually swimming through the ocean vegetation (sounds better than seaweed) and it gives the whole bowl of the glass a blue coloring.

Additional Details

9 ounces

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