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Cathedral Pitcher

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The Cathedral pitcher can hold 44 ounces.

The larger triangular shapes give this design a colorful modern feel that isn’t too much of either.

Amy's Story

Cathedral was created when people started looking for matini glasses and margarita glasses in my original colorful designs. I simply couldn't paint martinis and margaritas in the designs I had created, the glass shape was wrong! I couldn't envision all those little square-ish shapes of color on a triangular shaped glass... so I designed Cathedral.

I hadn't realized at the time that it would become a top-5 design of it's own and I would soon be painting it on every shape of glass in my studio. The larger triangular shapes give this design a coloful modern feel that is't too much of either. The black stem grounds everything making the colors all that more vibrant.

As a Christmas ornament, it's spectacular! The lights on the tree make the colors glow. Some people have told me they hang the ornaments in their windows to enjoy them all year long.

Additional Details

6.25 (in)
8.00 (in)
6.25 (in)
44 ounces

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