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The Birch Margarita glass can hold 14 ounces. The wide rim of the margarita glass allows for more salting of the rim, this enables the salt to enhance the flavor of every sip. It is customary to turn the glass for each sip. The narrowed bowl keeps the beverage cooler and discourages warming by your palm. It’s intriguing shape is also aesthetically pleasing!

Birch combines the translucent papery effects of birch-bark with its more noticeable white and black accents.

Amy's Story

A white birch tree standing tall and picturesque is the epitome of the Maine woods. This design was originally created at the request of a friend for her upcoming wedding. Her fiancé, an artist, designed their wedding invitations - a pen and ink drawing of a birch tree with their initials carved into it next to a lake. They are both very outdoorsy!

As the wedding plans progressed she asked me to make toasting flutes to coordinate with their invitations and nature-theme of the wedding. While honored by their request, it was something I had not tried before.  Through trial and error I created a multi-layered birch design with a gold heart “carved” into the glass with their initials.

They loved them! Their order increased to include flutes for the wedding party as well as ornaments for their parents to commemorate the event.

Glass Paradox’s wedding design was born!

I am amazed at the number of weddings across New England every year that include Birch in their special day.

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