Whoopie Pie Festival 2017

Published by Amy Kristiansen on Jun 28th 2017

Sometimes it’s good to get out of the studio and go to a show!

I had not planned to do the Whoopie Pie Festival in Dover-Foxcroft this year - though I have participated several times over it’s 8 year history. But about a week ago, David and I were talking and he asked about the show and if I had thought of doing it….the next morning I emailed Denise Buzzelli at the Piscataquis Chamber of Commerce. She replied that the show was indeed full and she would put me on the waiting list. I said “great!’ and that I would need to know by Friday afternoon to be ready for Saturday morning.

Fully expecting the event to remain full, I didn’t give it much thought as the week progressed. However, Friday morning, I receive an email from Denise telling me a spot has opened up, I’m at work even though school is out for the summer so I text David, the weather looks questionable, it’s New England - it will change, I reply that Glass Paradox will be at the Whoopie Pie Festival.

What’s that you say? What’s a Whoopie Pie? It is officially the Maine State Treat.

Back at the studio Friday afternoon, I announce on Glass Paradox’s Facebook page that we will be at the festival. An overwhelming response to my post and I’m excited! I gather artware, the E-Z Up from storage, tables, and all the other necessities to create the Glass Paradox booth and load the van.

Saturday morning dawns and the birds are chirping...no rain? Ah, no such luck! The rains come, heavy at times but the forecast calls for partial clearing by the time the gates open at 10. It’s raining as we set up through the chaos of a street festival, vans and pick-ups all vying for space to unload while trying to stay as dry as possible.

As we’re setting up my friend Sue stops to chat. She’s here with her Origami Owl - jewelry that you create to tell a story with a variety of charms and other accessories - display a few spaces away. Once I feel we’re ready for customers, I leave David to look after the booth and head out to see who else is there. There are over 50 artists, crafters, and small businesses set up along Main Street. The skies are clearing - cloudy now but not raining. There’s Sonya, my friend and neighbor from Brownville, with her family’s pickles, jams, and other yummy creations from Stanchfield Farms. It’s her first time at the festival, we chat and I wish her luck! Across the way are Lee and Everett from Worcester’s Blueberries another local company with delicious blueberry based products. They also create custom labels for their products for weddings and such, including my wedding just a few years ago! Of course, I have to stop and talk there too!

Back to Glass Paradox the gates opened and people began wandering through the marketplace on main Street. One of the nice things about a local show is seeing so many friends and acquaintances. Everyone is friendly and stops to say hi!

Whoopie Pie themed artware was a hit as always, martini and wine glasses in addition to the infamous Whoopie Pie ornaments though the best selling item yesterday were the Wine Bottle Lights! Recycled wine bottles with rechargeable LED lights hand-painted by me.

By the end of the day, the sun was shining and I was glad I had decided to participate, last minute though it was. I have seen the festival grow through the years, and it has become a not-to-be-missed local event!