• Jan 27th 2018

    Twenty-five years of painting on glass!

    2018 marks my 25th year of painting on glass. Seems like a long time and a very short time all at once. What started as a kitchen table hobby after an introduction to glass paints at a small art shop…

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  • Mar 12th 2017

    Balloons in Flight

    My husband moved up to Maine from Massachusetts just a few years ago. He is still trying to work out how much longer the winter is up here in Southern Piscataquis county. He likes to bemoan that Wi…

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  • Jan 4th 2015

    Glass Paradox in January

    A new year and a new beginning. A lot happens at the Glass Paradox studio in January!. While orders are slow, new designs are being thought up, new styles are being investigated, and lots of housek…

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  • Dec 3rd 2014

    Glasses - Wine versus Goblet

    Welcome to Glass Paradox! In these pages I hope to be able to share with you more details about my passion for painting on glass, and stories about the people I meet and the places I go as I follow…

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