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Blog - 25th Anniversary

Can you believe?

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Can you believe we are a quarter of the way into 2018?

It’s been a productive first quarter - We began with introducing the 25th Anniversary specials on our website. In February, we revised the product catalog, added a 15.75oz Beverage Glass, retired the Brandy and Pint glasses and renamed some early Glass Paradox designs for a more unique and updated feel.

March begins the busy season - The middle of the month is the New England Made Show, the only trade show we currently exhibit at. Here Amy networks with other crafters, artists, and entrepreneurs. All hoping to write new orders for retail locations across the continent and to chat with current retailers already stocking their shelves with Glass Paradox artware. The connections made and orders placed here set the tone for the rest of the year and help guide our show season.

This year we spoke with retailers from Prince Edward Island, Canada to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. We wrote orders for 3 new customers in Sunapee NH (The Wild Goose Country Store), Quaker Hill CT (The Grey House), and Bar Harbor ME (My Darling Maine). We also showed off new designs and shapes to some of our favorite Maine retailers - Maxwell’s Pottery, Indigo Blues, and My Wine-y Sister. An altogether good weekend.

Now to focus on the next 3 months, filling orders written a few weeks ago, receiving orders from current retailers, and getting ready for our biggest show of the summer!

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