Looking ahead and learning from the past…

Published by Amy Kristiansen on Jan 1st 2018

As 2017 comes to a close, I find myself reflecting on the year both as Glass Paradox and as a person. I have never been happier. Glass Paradox may not be a large booming business bringing me fame and fortune but just last night an order came in on the website - a week after our “order for Christmas delivery date” - and I (with the help of my wonderful husband) was able to get the order ready and shipped priority mail to (fingers crossed) arrive in time for Christmas. I enjoy Glass Paradox because I enjoy making people happy. Affordable, unique artware for everyday enjoyment.

It’s hard to believe 2018 will be my 25th year of painting glass!


I look back at when my kitchen table hobby became a business and a full sized studio adventure. Small local craft fairs to renaissance faires and wine festivals to wholesale shows and retailers buying and selling my artware from coast to coast. There have been ups and downs, sales increase and decrease but it a long time ago, someone told me to “do it as long as you enjoy it”. Well, I still enjoy it so, I am still doing it.

I found some photos of some original pieces, long before Glass Paradox became a “real business” and wonder at how it’s evolved.

image-14-.jpg image-7-.jpg

2018 will bring more changes, fewer craft fairs and festivals as I focus more on the online sales and cultivating wholesale accounts. Over the past couple of years, a number of longtime Glass Paradox retailers closed their doors to move on to new adventures leaving gaps in our sales and opportunities for meeting new people in new markets.

Where can you find us in 2018?

If you’re a retailer looking for wholesale information, Glass Paradox is on IndieMe.com and will be at the New England Made Show in Portland ME in March. Of course, you are always welcome to contact us at the studio via email (amy@glassparadox.com) or phone (207-613-7089)  too!

Watch for new designs and styles of glassware, a few will be discontinued to make room, and I have something unique in the works already for the Christmas season!

Best wishes to you and yours for 2018!
Amy & David @ Glass Paradox