Glass Paradox in January

Published by Amy Kristiansen on Jan 4th 2015

A new year and a new beginning. A lot happens at the Glass Paradox studio in January!. While orders are slow, new designs are being thought up, new styles are being investigated, and lots of housekeeping tasks are being completed.

It’s time to reflect on the past twelve months and decide what worked and what didn’t. I take a look at all the items offered for sale on our website, to our retailers, and directly to you at special events. What was our best selling item, design, combination, and what was our worst? Do I need to retire items from our catalog, add items, where are the currents trends trending? I review comments from my loyal followers and analyze sales figures from the craft fairs and festivals. As well as decide where we’ll be in the upcoming year, our schedule is laid out within the first few weeks of the new year.

2014 - A great year for Glass Paradox

brite-goblet.jpg So, to recap 2014, our number one piece of Glass Paradox artware was the Brite Goblet! As a matter of fact, Brite surpassed all other designs not only in a goblet, but also in the balloons and stem-less goblets as well once again establishing itself as the signature design of Glass Paradox!

Our best craft fair/festival was the Finger Lakes Wine Festival in Watkins Glen NY - this is an annual event for Glass Paradox. We have a large following of repeat visitors and collectors of my artware that add to their collections every year at the festival. A July event, the weather is always warm with a rain shower likely, there are dozens of wineries offering tastings, live music, cooking demonstrations, and a large selection of hand-crafted items for festival goers to enjoy. An added bonus is that we stay at a fabulous bed and breakfast, Echoes of the Glen, where our innkeepers Tom and Barb prepare a delicious gourmet breakfast for us each morning and make their home feel like our own.

Glass Paradox is not only available online and at fairs and festivals - Several gift shops, boutiques and specialty stores across the country also sell Glass Paradox artware. It’s not surprising that our top retailer is located right here in Maine. Maxwell’s Pottery in Portland’s Old Port has been offering my hand-painted creations to their customers for over a decade. Lynne and Jim have an eclectic corner shop offering a variety of items for your home and entertaining. They offer Brite, Stain Traditional (in both black and pewter), as well as Fish!

2015 - The best is yet to come

While 2015 is still in the planning stages, I have scheduled The Finger Lakes Wine Festival for our main summer event. I’m also finishing the application for the BDN Garden Show and have inquiries in to a few other venues.

Sadly, the color of purple paint I have used for the past 20 years has been discontinued so I will need to switch to a slightly different hue of purple in 2015, it’s entirely possible that I am the only one distraught by this change.

I have mapped out Holiday sales for the website to run at various times throughout the year. The first one is coming up at the middle of January for Valentine’s Day! So be sure to keep an eye on the site as there will be some unique sales and updates!