Eagerly Waiting for Spring

Published by Amy Kristiansen on Feb 22nd 2015

It’s hard to believe February is almost over! We’re 7 weeks into 2015 and the calendar is shaping up, various shows have been confirmed, and a few new products are just about ready to be introduced on my website.


Catalogs have been printed and sent off to all our current retailers. For the first time in a very long time, I have put together a complete catalog of all the current Glass Paradox designs. This new catalog will be available in limited quantities at craft fairs and will be included in all outgoing web orders. You can also request a catalog by contacting me through the website or messaging me on Facebook. The catalog features a detailed description of all my designs, some more detailed than others, including stories as to how many of the designs came to be and the inspiration behind them. The price list is a separate insert so if your web order is being sent as a gift, the recipient will receive the catalog with all the interesting little stories but not the price list - they can request one but I really didn’t want to include the price tag with your gifts!

A New Event

Until this week, I had planned my first show of 2015 to be the BDN Maine Garden Show at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor on April 11th & 12th. However, a friend and colleague contacted me about a vendor and craft fair that she is putting together to benefit Autism Awareness and the SeDoMoCha Helping Hands Team “March into Spring for Autism Awareness”, which will be at the Morton Avenue Elementary School in Dover-Foxcroft on March 21st, the first day of spring. This has become the “first show of the year” for Glass Paradox. I’m looking forward to seeing many of my friends, current and former co-workers, fellow local artists and crafters, all together in one place to help support an important cause. The SeDoMoCha Helping Hands Team participates in the Walk for Autism every year in Bangor and are a great group of teachers, students, parents, and community members.

A Few New Products

I have finished several new items for the tableware category on the website, focusing on my non-drinking fans. Lighting and serving options are being added! We now have mason jar solar lights, with lamps soon to follow as well as large and small serving bowls! These will be available in most of my current designs, as long as the shape of the glass works with the concept of the design.

Lamps have long been on my “to-do” list but I had difficulty finding the right glass for my design and the right pieces to put them all together. Then, this past summer, while on my honeymoon, I discovered solar light caps for mason jars. And immediately wanted to try them with some of my more colorful designs, especially StainGlass and Brite! Well, it took a few months for me to locate a source for the caps, but I found them as well as completely smooth mason jars! I’ve been busily painting and photographing them for the past couple of weeks. Painting was the easy part, photographing something that I wanted to show in the dark was a whole new challenge! I almost called in a professional but, with David’s help and patience, I finally accomplished it! I learned a lot about my digital camera in the process as well. I now know how to use the manual functions. I’ve only had the camera for about 10 years!

On the Web

We started our Holiday specials with a Valentine’s Day sale at the end of January and have just put up our St. Patrick’s Day sale which features pilsners and pints. A sampling of lighting and serving pieces will be added over the next few weeks with more designs available as I paint them. 2015 is promising to be an interesting year for Glass Paradox as we continue to expand our products and improve our website.

Glass Paradox often posts new items on FaceBook before they’re available on our website. There’s a new “shop now” button on the Glass Paradox FaceBook page which brings you directly to our website, a great way to tell your friends about us and show them your favorite designs. Did you know the website site also has a wish list where you can tell people what you’d like?

It’s the little heart in a circle when you’re looking at an item.

You need to set up an account on the website to do this but it’s really easy! We also have a Pinterest page that I am going to make a priority and update more frequently in the future. The more followers and likes these pages receive, the more I will post. I may even work my way into “Tweeting” as we do have a Twitter page as well!