Design Name Changes in 2018

Published by Amy Kristiansen on Feb 19th 2018

Names are changing while the designs remain the same. This year marks 25 years of glass painting  - and while designs have come and gone, several have remained the same. However, the Glass Paradox audience has changed and is ever changing. To keep things fresh and to better relate to our current customers, we’ve decided on some name changes - specifically the age-old “Stain Glass” designs with the long and cumbersome names of "Contemporary" and "Traditional" differentiated by color of outline and stem. And the newer “Sailboat” design which became confusing by adding color options of Sunrise and Sunset.

StainGlass ...

Moving forward, the Stain Glass designs all have new names! Cathedral, Chancel, and Sanctuary are the former Stain Glass Contemporary, Stain Glass Traditional pewter w/green and Stain Glass Traditional black w/purple. Yes, it may be confusing at first but, the names still have a connection and the visual imagery creates a concrete relationship.

Cathedral Goblet
Cathedral Chancel Sanctuary

... Sailboats ...

Sailboats have been simplified to Sunrise and Sunset. Since it’s obvious when looking at the design that they are in fact sailboats, we felt it better to simply refer to them by their colors. Sunrise - with the invigorating yellows and oranges; and Sunset - with the more soothing pinks and purples.
Sunrise Sunset

... and More

Watch for these changes in the new 2018 catalogs - both wholesale and retail - and on our website. These are still the same designs you’ve grown to love, just the names have changed.

Along with these changes, we’ve added a new glass shape and two new designs! All of which will be available this summer at the Glass Paradox booth (#77 in building B) at the 2018 Finger Lakes Wine Festival. Watch for them to be added to the Glass Paradox website as well. And don’t forget our Special 25th Anniversary section where a new design in a special size balloon is available on the 25th of each month for $25 a pair!