Black Fly Festival 2019

Published by Amy Kristiansen on Jul 6th 2019

Last weekend we participated in a local event, The Black Fly Festival in Milo Maine. The event is held annually, the first Saturday in June along the waterfront and unofficially marks the beginning of summer in the community of Three Rivers. The event began 8-10 years ago, no one seems to remember exactly when but it has grown over the years to where I finally decided to participate and see what all the excitement was about.

Glass Paradox applied late, the Wednesday before the event and we were placed at the far end of the festival so, I am sure we did not get the full experience although, we were in a prime location to enjoy the Allison Ames Band in the afternoon.

The thing about small local events is everyone knows everyone and even if sales are slow, people visit and fill you with compliments and stories.

There were several food choices, about 50 small business crafters and artisans, and even a parade down the main street. I was able to promote my upcoming craft fair to be held in October at Penquis Valley HS, we are looking for vendors of handcrafted items and a limited number of direct sales consultants.

The skies were blue and the sun was shining however, the Black Flies were out in force enjoying their day. I mean, what would you expect, it was the Black Fly Festival after all!

I am sure we relocated dozens of balck flies back home with us as we packed up our tent and displays however, it was definitely something we needed to experience, at least once.