Balloons in Flight

Published by Amy Kristiansen on Mar 12th 2017

My husband moved up to Maine from Massachusetts just a few years ago. He is still trying to work out how much longer the winter is up here in Southern Piscataquis county. He likes to bemoan that Winter starts two weeks earlier and ends two weeks later. Change is one of those things he is slow to accept.


Some change is inevitable. I cannot hold back the winter, and I cannot bring an early spring. Another thing outside my control is the availability of different styles of wine glass from the distributors. In the latter part of 2016 I was told that the Balloon wine glasses I had ordered for so long would no longer be available.

I have been creating artware on stemmed wine glasses since 1994. For nearly all of that time Glass Paradox has offered a Red wine Balloon. From the start I liked the Balloon - it fits nicely in your hand and it is just fun to paint! First it was a nicely shaped small 10 oz glass, then came the large 19 ounce size that could be used for other things besides Red wine and was a wonderful showcase for my creations. I found myself faced with the possibility of not carrying this distinctively shaped glass.

To be fair, my distributor offered up some replacements which they felt were similar. I ordered some samples and, upon receipt, decided that I was not satisfied with the quality, shape, or style of any of the candidates. At this point I went looking at other resources to see what they could offer and still found nothing that I felt could replace the Balloon I had worked with for so long.

After months of frustrated searching, I finally decided to select a different style of Red wine glass to replace my Balloon.

Introducing the Grand Goblet.


This large Red wine glass is sometimes referred to as a Large Bordeaux glass. The Grand Goblet is 8.5 inches tall and has a capacity of 20.5 ounces, making it larger and more spacious than the Balloon.

I have already begun to paint the Grand Goblets and they will make their debut this coming weekend at the New England Made Show where retailers from across North America come to find new items to offer in their boutiques and shops. They will also start to appear for sale online and at retail shops currently carrying my artware very soon. I think you will be pleased with the elegant appearance and quality of these new additions to Glass Paradox.

P.S. Most of my stock of Balloons is gone and I have placed the last of them on the website at half their regular price!